Below is a copy of the policy form each new client will fill out and sign. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this form, and feel free to copy, paste and print it if you'd like to be prepared prior to your first appointment. Repeat clients do not need to fill out this form as long as we have it on file. Please notify us if your veterinarian changes as we will need a new form with their information.

Policy & Procedure Form

Transfurmations Release Form

Policy & Procedure Form

Thank you for choosing chilltown pet spa  Grooming for your pet’s grooming needs. I pride myself on providing the best care for your best friend.

There are some policies I would like to inform you, the owner, of before grooming your pet:

Sometimes grooming can expose or exacerbate a hidden pre-existing condition. I will always bring anything I may find to your attention. I cannot diagnose a condition, but may advise you to seek veterinary attention.

If your pet has any medical problems, I ask to be made aware of them (i.e. seizures, arthritis, collapsing trachea, etc.) so that I may take whatever steps needed to keep your pet comfortable during the grooming process.

If fleas are found on your pet, it is our policy to automatically give a flea bath and there is an additional cost of $10.00.

If you pet has any history of biting, I require notification of this. The possibility of biting will not affect whether I may try to groom your pet, but it can help prevent injury. If your pet has some behavior issues, I will be happy to do what I can to help work through them.

Rabies vaccination is required for all pets receiving service over 6 months of age. I understand that small dogs may not be able to handle the vaccine until a later age, or may be completely intolerant of the vaccine. For these cases we must speak with your vet to verify that their is a medical reason that your pet is not vaccinated. We will also accept titter tests done within 6 months of service.

Cancellations happen and I understand schedules sometimes change. If you must cancel I ask that you give as much notice as possible. Chronic cancellations may result in the inability to book future appointments and a cancellation fee up to the amount of the grooming. A cancellation within 24 hours of appointment time is subject to a $25.00 fee.

No shows. Habitual no shows may be subject to a fee up to the price of the grooming and may no longer be able to schedule future appointments.

Although accidents are rare, there is always a risk when working on a pet. Because of that chill town pet spa Grooming would like to make you aware of our policies and procedures in the event of an incident. Our promise to you is that any incident will be reported to the owner immediately. If necessary we will transport your pet to a veterinarian. Any veterinary bills resulting from a pet being matted, senior, shaving/stripping or aggressive dog or scared dog  from a pre-existing or unforeseeable condition will be the sole responsibility of the pets owner. Safety is our number one concern. We believe in honoring the trust you've given us by returning it to you.

By signing this form, in the event of an emergency you grant us permission to seek veterinary attention at
veterinary __________________________________________ 

phone (_____) ______-____________.
by signing this document you agree to everything above for  the Lifetime we groom your pet


this contract is for the lifetime of your pet

Signature Date (________)

We sometimes take pictures for use on our website of the pets we groom.

If any pictures are taken may we use those images on our website?

Yes No

 email address:_______________________________________

Chilltown Pet Spa

At-Risk Pet Release Form for dogs

I, _________________________(client’s name) have requested that Chilltown pet spa preform the necessary grooming to remediate the extensive matting, webbing, and/or pelting on my pet __________________.  Chilltown pet spa have advised me that this process may be uncomfortable and traumatic for my pet. I understand it is difficult to predict the condition of the skin or coat that may be found under my pets tangled, matted, pelted or webbed which include but not limited to, severe skin irritation, infections, balding, fungus, cuts, and parasites.  I also understand that the time needed to perform this groom may be extensive and require extra fees over and above the quoted price.

I further understand that while Chilltown pet spa will take every necessary precaution and care to assure my pet’s comfort and safety, remediating neglected coats requires the use of an extremely short blade sometimes very close to the skin and that cuts, burns, hematoma, and irritations often can not be avoided.

Chilltown pet spa has informed me that pets not groomed on a regular schedule , every 3 months or less, are often unskilled, untrained and/or fearful of the grooming process which greatly increases the risks of mental and physical trauma to the pet. I, ________________________ agree to do my best in the future to avoid these risks by scheduling more regular grooming with a groomer of my choice for my pet. 

Chilltown pet spa advises me that while the resulting finished groom may be extremely short and a drastically shocking change to the look of my pet __________________, our reactions and facial expressions upon seeing a pet immediately after the grooming can greatly affect the pet’s emotional reaction.  I further understand that greeting by feeling sorry or shocked could result in my pet feeling shamed, possibly adding further mental trauma and hiding after the groom. Therefore, I _______________________ will do my best to greet my pet enthusiastically as beautiful, healthy, clean and comfortable family member.  

I understand that Chilltown pet spa will do their best to inform me of any and all findings that may require veterinary attention after the groom, but that some complications could take days to emerge.  I will inform Chilltown pet spa of any of these complications, but accept full responsibility for necessary follow up medicated baths and vet bills.

In the event of injury during the groom, should I not be able to be reached at _______________ (phone #), I _____________________________ hereby grant permission for Chilltown pet spa to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet and my expense, not exceeding $______________  Also realizing that because of my neglect in not maintaining the necessary grooming schedule to avoid this condition, my pet _____________________ has a greater chance of being injured during the grooming process and therefore will not hold Chilltown pet spa responsible for accident or injury to my pet.

Owner ___________________________________________ (print name) _____________(pet’s name)

Owner’s signature __________________________________   Date _____________

Phone #______________________________  

additional contact #__________________name/relation_______________________________________

preferred Vet_____________________________________ # _______________________

 by signing this you agree to pay an extra fee

Chilltown Pet Spa

At-Risk Pet Release Form for cats

Due to the following reasons, your pet has been determined to be at a higher risk of injury or health problem than the average pet:

  • Matting/pelting

  • Old age

  • Health concerns (please list) _______________________________________________________

Even the gentlest of grooming causes stress to an animal at a minimum because the animal is outside of its home.  Because of the reasons listed above, I hereby agree to the foregoing as owner of the pet:

1. Any grooming that takes place on an elderly cat or cat with health problems will be at the owner’s risk. Grooming may expose pre-existing health and/or skin problems for which Chilltown Pet Spa cannot be held liable.  Elderly cats are at a higher risk for nicks and cuts from shaving.

2. Dematting/detangling of matted hair may cause patchiness and hair loss. Consent to remove the matted hair is on this understanding. Shaving your cat will dramatically change the pet’s appearance, and the hair will be very close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin conditions for which Chilltown pet spa  is not responsible. Removal of mats whether by shaving or dematting procedure can be stressful to your pet and may exacerbate stress-sensitive health problems. Severe matting and/or pelting will result in an additional surcharge, based upon the severity of the problem and the time required to correct it. A fecal removal surcharge and/or biter surcharge may also apply.   

3.  Certain illnesses and conditions including (but not limited to) diabetes, heart murmur, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, seizures, and being overweight result in a higher risk of incident during grooming.  

4.  Previously discussed grooming styles (i.e. Lion Cut, Comb Cut, Etc) may not be completed due to my cat’s health condition.  This decision is in the cat’s best interest to prevent harm from coming to them. The client will be responsible for payment of any services that are completed in lieu of the previously discussed styles.   

5. In the event of any injury or health concern, we are authorized to contact a vet and authorize any veterinary treatment for the cat as necessary.  The owner is responsible for all veterinary charges that may incur as a result. Chilltown Pet Spa will attempt to contact you in the event of an emergency via the contact number listed below.

I hereby agree to the foregoing as owner of the pet.

Pet’s Name: _________________________________________________________________

Owner: __________________________________________     Date: __________________

Emergency Contact Number: ___________________________________________________