My prices are ESTIMATES on cats that are groomed on a REGULAR basis, which is from 4 to 12 weeks. Cat's behavior such as aggressiveness, hard to control or cats not on a REGULAR grooming schedule will be charged accordingly, as with coats that are matted or pelted.

Estimate Pricing

Minimum Service Call: $65

  • Basic is Bath and Brush Out
  • Short Haired Cat
    • Basic Package$65
  • Long Haired Cat
    • Basic Package$75
  • Option Add-ons
    • Lion Cut$25
    • Sanitary Shave$10
    • Belly Shave$15
    • Toe Tuff Trim$12
    • De-Shedding$18
    • Soft Paws (front paws only)$15
    • Soft Paws (back paws only)$12
    • Soft Paws (front and back paws)     $25
    • De-Matting$25
  • Surcharges
    • Fecal Removal$10
    • Severe Matting$35
    • Pelt Removal$50