Pricing listed below is estimates based on well kept, well behaved dogs that have been kept on a regular grooming schedule of at least every 6 to 8 weeks.

"How much does it cost?"

A very good question. Grooming usually takes about 3 hour depending on condition of your pet and his/her attitude.


Service + Size = Cost


Service Selections



Basic Bath service include:

Basic Spa Treatment


Ears Freshened and Dirt Removed

Collars Cleaned (if needed)

Blow Dry

Brush for 15 min

Nails Trimmed 

Spritz of Cologne

Bows or Bandana

Small: $32-$56

Med:   $48-$72      

 Large: $64-$88

Ex Lg: $80-$104         

Super: $112 and up


You can book an appointment online , just fill out the" Appointment  Form". I will respond in less than 24 hours to your request!  


 Complete Grooming services include

Basic Spa Treatment Bath

Ears Freshened and Dirt Removed

Brush Out

Nails Trimmed 

Sanitary Trim (under the tail and privates)

The Cut You Would Like


Shed-Less Treatment

Spritz of Cologne

Bows or Bandana

   Small: $35-$60

Med:   $55-$80        

Large: $75-$100

Ex Lg: $95 and $120

Super: $115  and up


No-Show Policy
No Show Policy fee is the price of the groom

 Cancellation Policy

just to let you know if you need to cancel we need to know 24 hours in advance otherwise the cancellation fee is the price of the groom


Pick up of Pet:

Most pets are picked up after grooming completion. Kennel space is limited, $15.00 more if your dog needs to stay 1/2 day, or $5.00 per hr after one hour past grooming completion. Close of business hours is 5:00 or earlier. Any pet not picked up after one hour of close will be charged 25.00 for the night and abandoned and animal control will be called. chilltown pet spa will not be held accountable for pets not picked up in a timely manner.

Check ins

until 3pm (average turn around under three hours) Plan on at least 3hrs and be pleasantly happy if it is 2 or less. I will not push a dog to get him or her finished because you have multiple appointments scheduled. Better to have your pet groomed in a relaxed time frame, than have a rush job. there can be daily activity beyond my control - such as walk ins, phone calls, pets that are not used to being groomed.


 a special process for removing noxious odors that dogs like to roll in, from dead fish, deer musk to skunk 

Cost per application $25 (sometimes  more than one application is needed to completly remove the odor)